ohh_taylah (alrgicto_robot) wrote,


-had a party? Kinda
-gone to a party? YEP
-spent the night with someone? of course
-laughed until your stomach hurt? yep
-laughed until you almost peed your pants? yep
-gone on a vacation? no, thanks to work
-tanned? yep
-went to a camp? nope
-swam? uh like everyday
-went to the movies? yep, the past three nights
-gone shopping? too many times
-Had a job? yes, but its not like i ever have a schedule.
-gotten freakishly bored?ype, NOW
-have you gotten sun burned yet? from the tanning bed
-made a bonfire? no :[
-been outside during a lightning storm? no
-Been to another state? no
-been to another country? nope
-changed someting about your appearance? rehiglhited my hair? got tanner?
-been to the the hospital with an injury? nope
-commited a crime/broken the law? yeah..
-gone on a road trip? nope
-had a g/f or b/f? nope
-dumped a g/f or b/f? nope
-kissed someone? a couple
-been to a concert? nope
-Been in trouble with the cops/parents? my dad was upset with me for like a day, i think that was it.
-had a memorable moment? of course
-had a horrible moment? kinda
-made new friends? yeeep :]
-missed a friend? yeah jess is still in Canada
-Slept under the stars? nope :\
-thought about school? ye senior year!!
-been to the beach? going this weekend..
-thought about a special someone? a couple someones special
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